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Standards for Excellence

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To ensure the UA Standard for Excellence platform meets and maintains its goals, the Local Union

Business Manager, in partnership with his implementation team, including shop stewards and the local

membership, shall ensure all members:

• Meet their responsibilities to the employer and their fellow workers by arriving on the job ready to work,

every day on time (Absenteeism and tardiness will not be tolerated.)

• Adhere to the contractual starting and quitting times, including lunch and break periods (Personal cell phones will

not be used during the workday with the exception of lunch and break periods.)

• Meet their responsibility as highly skilled crafts workers by providing the required tools as stipulated under the

local Collective Bargaining Agreement while respecting those tools and equipment supplied by the employer.

• Use and promote the local union and international training and certification systems to the membership so they

may continue on the road of lifelong learning, thus ensuring UA craft workers are the most highly trained and

sought after workers

• Meet their responsibility to be fit for duty, ensuring a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse is strictly met

• Be productive and keep inactive time to a minimum

• Meet their contractual responsibility to eliminate disruptions on the job and safely work towards the on-time

completion of the project in an auspicious manner

• Respect the customers’ property (Waste and property destruction, such as graffiti, will not be tolerated.)

• Respect the UA, the customer, client and contractor by dressing in a manner appropriate for our highly skilled and

professional craft (Offensive words and symbols on clothing and buttons are not acceptable.)

• Respect and obey employer and customer rules and policies

• Follow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives

• Honor and engage in the best safety practices and fulfill the responsibilities set forth in the UA Standard for Safety


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