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12/7/21 for Concord

12/9/21 for Wendell

1/29/2022 for Charleston


Van Hester- WELD*ON


12/7/21 for Concord   –        6pm- till

12/9/21 for Wendell    –       6pm-till

1/29/22 for Charleston  –  8am (Saturday)



12/7/21 for Concord       – 6pm

12/9/21 for Wendell       – 6pm

1/29/22 for Charleston – 8am (Saturday)


Contact Sharon Pinto to sign up 704 721 0517


For over 60 years, Weld-On has trained more than 100,000 contractors in the proper solvent welding techniques.

  • Proper solvent welding of plastic pipe and fittings is the key to a long, trouble-free service life for your piping system.
  • Weld-On’s training program is free and covers the best practices of solvent welding technique based on ASTM D2855 standard.
  • Weld-On is the only company to provide ASME B31.3 bonder qualification, inclusive of sample testing and card issuance.

Following will be covered during class, followed with a qualification test: 

• The basic principles of solvent welding
pipe and fittings
• Techniques per ASTM D2855 standard
• How to choose the right solvent
cement for the job
• Causes of joint failure
• Safety precautions

Hands-on training
• Interference fit check between pipe and fitting
• Pipe-end deburring
• Primer application
• Solvent cement application
• Pipe joint assembly

• Participant makes a pipe joint assembly.
• The assembled sample is hydrostatically
pressure tested per ASME B31.3 bonder
qualification standard.
• If the sample passes the pressure test,
a qualification card is issued to the participant.*

Medical Gas Installer Certification Class


Concord, NC. Training Center




May 14,15

May 21,22


Bring Lunch as breaks will only be 30min. Plan on 10-11 hour days, 

Start time 8am


  • To Qualify-Candidates must have a minimum of four (4) years of documented practical experience in the field of installation of plumbing or mechanical systems.

Medical Gas Installer certification candidate is a qualified individual who can demonstrate competence within their scope and will be proficient in and experienced in the installation of medical gas and vacuum systems covered by the ASSE Series 6000 Standard. Installers include anyone who works on or installs piping or components, including brazers. A qualified Medical Gas Installer may perform these tasks alone, or through the supervision of other individuals.

In addition to knowledge of product installation, a Medical Gas Installer is required to have a general knowledge of the applicable laws, codes, rules, listing agencies, and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels pertaining to medical gas and vacuum systems as well as knowledge of product performance, system and system component testing, documenting and recording, and medical gas terminology.

Medical gas systems and equipment covered in the ASSE Series 6000 Standard include health care facilities within the scope of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code. Medical gas piping systems include vacuum piping.

Effective July 1, 2020, Medical Gas Examinations will only be administered by computer.

To qualify for the ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Certification, the candidate must achieve a passing score on the NITC 6010 Medical Gas Installer written exam and successfully pass the practical brazing component. 

* Required for ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer/Brazer and any additional Medical Gas Braze, (BTS15*  5/8″-2″)

To sign up contact sharon pinto at 704 721-0517

UA Weld Testing for Members and Organizing events


 Concord, Wendell and Charleston Training Centers

Certified Welding Inspectors

Certified Welding Inspectors

Isiah Monroe

Billy Platt

Keith Batson

Donald Bean (when available)


Contact Sharon Pinto at the Concord Training Center (704) 721- 0517



Please call Sharon Pinto at 704 721-0517  at the Concord Training Center for information, availability & Scheduling

Orbital Welding Class


Wendell Training Center


Steven Keeling


April 11th-15th

April 18th-20th

All Evening Classes  5:30pm-9:30pm


Wendell Training Center –  15 “Journeyman” member maximum  

 (40 hours total) Mon-Fri 5:30pm-9:30pm

*Contact Sharon Pinto at the Concord Training Center 704-721-0517 to sign up


Orbital welding is a specialized area of welding whereby the arc is rotated mechanically through 360° (180 degrees in double up welding) around a static workpiece, an object such as a pipe, in a continuous process. The process was developed to address the issue of operator error in gas tungsten arc welding processes (GTAW), to support uniform welding around a pipe that would be significantly more difficult using a manual welding process, and to ensure high quality repeatable welds that would meet more stringent weld criteria set by ASME. In orbital welding, computer-controlled process runs with little intervention from the operator. Upon successful completion of the 40 hour class.

57-1/4″ No math Pipe Layout Class


Wendell Training Center

Concord Training Center


Timothy Thurber Jr.


March 5 & 6    (Wendell Training Center)

March 12 &13 (concord Training Center)


This is a 2 day weekend class, 10 hour days (Apprentices 4yr – Journeyman)

8am start time. 

“pipefitting knowledge is necessary” 


How do you layout a pipe on pipe saddle or an odd angle lateral?

Students will be shown a unique way to learn layout of pipe and fittings in the field without math or manuals. This course will also cover the mitering of pipe and fittings and the use of the Pipe Trades Pro Calculator.

We must have a minimum of 10 people to sign up. Open to Pipefitters and Plumbers.

Personal protective equipment is required (safety glasses/gloves/work shoes).
Students must bring the Pipe Trades Pro Calculator or equivalent phone App to class.

Contact Sharon Pinto at (704)721-0517 to add your name to the sign up list

July 2022 NITC UA STAR Preparation Session Exam

There will be a Star review and exam that will be held July 9th & 10th at the Concord Training Center, 8am-5pm. This will be for 5th year Apprentices or current Journeyman only – NO EXCEPTIONS. (Fourth Year Apprentices may sit in on the class for knowledge base only, no testing allowed) To pass the Star Exam, you must achieve a passing grade of 82% for HVAC, Pipefitting and 80% for Plumbing. For 5th year Apprentices only, if you do not achieve the NITC passing grade indicated, but achieve a 75% score, you will not have to take the regular Journeyman exam. If you are a Journeyman and do not achieve the NITC passing grade, you will get 8 hours of Continuing Education credits for the year.
.We plan to review on Saturday the 9th and hold the exam on Sunday the 10th. To be included in this session, you must have an active Blackboard account. Anyone that does not have a active Blackboard account, please email me your information- I will need your full name, UA card#, cell phone#, and an active email address so you may receive pertinent information. I have made sure that all current 5th years whom are eligible have an active account. You need to study before you get there and be able to pass the practice exams in your related trade on the Blackboard site with a minimum 85% score-this site will be monitored, if you choose not to participate in taking the exams, you will be denied testing. At that point you will be required to take the regular turnout test for your related trade. This includes whatever practical exams are required by the JATC committee. You must email Sharon Pinto ASAP to sign-up. Last date to register is Friday, April 29nd – NO EXCEPTIONS. Under General Documents are the Applications for each trade, they must be completely filled out (no financial data is required, we cover the cost) and returned to Sharon Pinto before the April 29nd cutoff date. This is an NITC requirement. Due to low turnout in the past, we must have a minimum of 10 test takers. Otherwise, we will cancel the exam and roll it over to December 2022. Instructors this session, at this time, will be Bill Spidel for Plumbing, Ron May for Pipefitting and Robert Collins for HVAC Technicians. If staying overnight, please contact Sharon Pinto@704-721-0517 as we have a special rate for our Members at the Hilton Garden Inn on Speedway Blvd.


Pipefitter:  STAR Steamfitting-Pipefitting Application

Plumber: STAR Plumbing Application

HVAC: STAR HVACR Application

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