SUNDAY-       NOV 22nd


TWO 10 hour days 8am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday. Testing on Sunday the 26th (CERTIFICATION CLASS). Bring a Lunch with you,Brake periods are timed.(OPEN TO ALL TRADES,APPRENTICES/JOURNEYMAN)


In today’s competitive environment, all commercial and industrial sites have to consider the critical issue of crane signaling as a key factor in the continued productivity of their operations. The Crane Signal Person, in particular, is a major focus for electric utilities, oil refineries, manufacturing plants, paper mills, chemical plants, New commercial Construction, Retro fit HVAC Construction, New and Retro fitted Data Center and Hi purity projects. The United Association (UA) has addressed industry’s needs by developing an intensive course of study that includes classroom and hands-on instruction using the latest equipment and materials. The UA Crane Signal Person Certification Program has been designed to ensure that UA members are able to take on any crane signaling task they may encounter. The high standards of the UA Crane Signal Person Certification Program are uniform throughout the United States and Canada. The United Association working with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) have established a training and certification program that provides an outstanding tool for determining an individual’s capabilities and competences and ensures their on-going training needs are provided for and validated in a structured environment. The UA Crane Signal Person Certification Program provides an assurance to industry that UA members have the necessary skills not only to do the job right but also to do the job right the first time.

It is our goal at UA LU 421 to provide highly trained UA craftsmen with detailed knowledge and experience that will improve their job performance and contribute to raising our Contractors productivity and ability to procure Projects throughout our jurisdiction of work. Without a doubt, the United Association boasts the foremost training and certification programs available in the industry. For a contractor or plant owner choosing certified signalpersons from UA Local 421  is an assurance that the quality of craftsmanship is the highest you can find in the industry today.

*Class is open to all Journeyman and 2YR Thru 5YR Apprentices. Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20. Contact Sharon Pinto at 704-721-0517 to sign up.