Charleston- June 26

Concord- July 10th   (meeting at concord)

Wendell-July 31st


Mr. Van Hester

Van has conducted several hundred separate training classes in the U.S. and Canada. He teaches the proper technique of solvent welding PVC and CPVC piping systems for industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial plumbing installations, turf and irrigation projects, wastewater treatment plants, and piping fabrication companies.

Van is a member of ASTM F-17, ASME B31, and the AALSO. He has done training presentations and seminars at WEFTEC, ASPE, and at various trade organizations and union halls across the country. He has also trained at many of the major aquariums across the United States. He is knowledgeable and familiar with much of the code language for IAPMO, UPC, ICC, and NSF standards 14 and 61 for potable water distribution.


June 26th

July 10th

July 31st




Training Agenda

Presentation of the Solvent Welding Process:
* Basic Principles of Solvent Welding
* Proper Techniques of Solvent Welding Plastic Joints
* Importance of Correct Sized Applicators
* Weld-On Selection Guide to Solvent Cements and Primers
* Set and Cure Times
* Causes of Failed Joints
• Hands-On Demonstration
• Test ( 25 multiple choice questions/open book)
• Training Completion Card (mailed after class)

* Open to all Trades and Levels