Concord Training Center


Morris Swaenepoel



Feb 12 & 13

Feb 26 & 27


8am-4pm all four days.

1/2 hour lunch break- recommended you bring lunch

Contact Sharon Pinto at 704 721-0517 to sign up

* open to 3rd,4th,5th YR. Apprentices and Journeyman with piping experience. Must be able to read Blueprints



Engineered and manufactured by the organization that introduced the first robotic total station back in 1990, the Trimble RTS series of Robotic Total Stations was designed specifically to meet the needs of building contractors. Because of this, the RTS Series significantly increases accuracy, reliability and productivity based on the unique applications and workflows of construction.

Robotic total stations allow you to automate tasks on your job site with ease. Through the use of robotic total stations, you can get faster and more accurate access to data and improve your workforce’s collaboration with real-time insights. Keep down your construction costs and eliminate the need for rework with field layout equipment from Trimble.

  • RTS773: The Trimble RTS773 features an integrated camera with a telescope view you can access remotely through Trimble Tablets and Trimble Field Links. This feature allows you to document locations from anywhere and get instant photo documentation on your as-built locations. The Trimble RTS773 is designed with maximum quality in mind and can be operated remotely using Trimble Field Link Software.


• Establish project control
• Checking or tying in to property boundaries
• Layout of excavation lines
• Layout of anchor bolts
• As-built checks
• Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
• Light topographical measurements