Wendell Training Center


Andrew Tuttle/Perry Banks


December 4,5,18,19


Dec 4,5,18,19

8am- 4:30pm


The United Association (UA) has addressed industry’s needs by developing an intensive course of
study that includes classroom and problem solving instruction using the latest information and
materials. The UA Foreman Certification Program has been designed to ensure that UA members and
their employing contractors are able to take on any task they may encounter. This highly specialized
training comes at no cost to contractors or plant owners.
The high standards of the UA Foreman Certification Program are uniform throughout the United States
and Canada, yet each individual Local Union can tailor the Foreman training course differently to focus
specifically on the requirements of industry in their particular region. In fact, contractors and owners
are encouraged to review the UA Foreman Certification Program and make recommendations that will
help modify the program to meet their specific needs.
The United Association together with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) have
established an examination/qualification program that provides an outstanding tool for determining an
individual’s capabilities and competences and ensures their on-going training needs are provided for
and validated in a structured environment. The UA Foreman Certification Program provides an
assurance to industry that UA members have the necessary skills not only to do the job right but also
to do the job right the first time.

  • Contact Sharon Pinto to sign up at 704 721 0517
  • Open to 5yr-Journeyman of all trades